Listening to the Voice of God

The above sacred writing says that there was a marvelous appearance (wind, tremor and fire), however God was not in it, what Elijah heard was the voice of God, which reports the presence of God.

The motivation behind why I said we ought not anticipate that God should address us in an astounding manner is on the grounds that the villain can counterfeit a terrific occurring for you, to beguile you – he lives in this world and can control things and occasions. I have known about individuals who looked to see dreams and the villain exploited them and pulverized them. They were hearing voices and seeing dreams and thought it was from God, until later they understood that it was the demon controlling them. Anything that is from God will be in concurrence with the sacred texts (the Bible) – the composed expression of God.

On the off chance that God decides to address spirituality any man in a dynamite way – in light of the fact that He can, God is sovereign, He will make you realize it is Him talking and whatever He says or request that you do will be Holy and will be in concurrence with His composed word.

I have seen the penmanship of God in a daze (open vision) previously, I saw the compositions yet I didn’t see the hand. I was asking in the soul (imploring in tongues) and abruptly I ended up in a daze, the spot was brimming with brilliant lights and afterward I saw somebody composing something noticeable all around, following the composing finished, I wound up back in my actual state. It was a great encounter, and it was for my illumination, the message came to give me solace and confirmation when I was in the wild time of my life and the message was unadulterated, serene and in concurrence with the Bible. Yet, note this, I was not anticipating that experience, I didn’t look for it, it stopped by the desire of God. I’m not saying we ought not craving or anticipate that God should address us, what I am stating is don’t seek after the dynamite.

More often than not when God is attempting to lead us by His Spirit, as he guaranteed in His promise (Job 32:8), we don’t LISTEN; rather we look for something astounding, or a dream or a holy messenger to appear to us. We can’t decide how God will address us; He picks how He needs to address us.

At the point when I was youthful in the Christian confidence, I wanted such a huge amount to get with God, yet God was by all methods requesting that Land of Israel I LISTEN. I will look for dreams or hope to see a heavenly attendant, since I have found out about other-worldly appearances in the Bible, however none of these occurred. I didn’t get why, and nobody instructed me that I am not to pick how and how God ought to address me – God Himself picks what direction he wants to talk.

The Bible is God addressing you

Numerous years after the fact, as I filled in my Christian walk, God caused me to understand that all I am needed to do is to LISTEN when He talks, since He talks constantly.

The principal individuals Jesus attempted to address after His restoration were His devotees, and He addressed them by the “Soul” and by the “Composed WORD”.

Luke 24:32, AMP

Furthermore, they said to each other, were not our hearts (SPIRIT) extraordinarily moved and consuming inside us while He was chatting with us out and about and as He opened and disclosed to us [the sense of] the Scriptures (WRITTEN WORD)?

After numerous long periods of continually looking for a dream, dreams or anticipating that an angel should bring me answers to my inquiries, God at last instructed me that a basic method to LISTEN to Him is to get His statement (the Bible) and read the sacred texts. Perusing and mulling over it, particularly from the Psalms, or the Book of Proverbs and the New Testament, perusing gradually and afterward contemplating it – perusing all the books of the Bible is similarly significant. In a brief time, you will start to hear God addressing you directly from the pages of that Bible – on the grounds that that is His assertion to you.

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