An Introduction To The Oppo F11 Pro Smartphone

The new Oppo F11 Pro has a stunning single lens reflexible camera that allows you to take every beautiful moment with a professional level of resolution and clarity. The dual back up cameras allow you to take clean, clear and crisp pictures every time. The new 16 MP front facing camera also adds to the creative prowess of your selfies. All these and more make the Oppo F11 Pro a must have digital camera for all fashion conscious individuals.

With the Oppo F11 Pro you can give a high definition image every time. The high definition camera has a bright LCD display that enhances the clarity of the images shot. You get clear images even when you are using the flash modes. The pictures are also optimized for the LCD screen so the colors are enhanced for great viewing pleasure. oppo f11 pro

The Oppo F11 Pro is available in two variants–the black and the white variants. The black color version is priced at around Rs 15000 inclusive of tax. It comes with a memory card and a charger while the white variant comes with a memory card and a USB cable. This gives the user a choice of what model to get according to their individual needs. The six gigabyte model of the oppo f11 pro also comes with a USB cable and a warranty period of one year.

There is another variant of the Oppo F11 Pro in the form of the Gold version which has a memory card, a USB cable, an infrared camera as well as a cinema camera. This unit comes with two microphones as well as a light system. It comes with a total price of Rs 15000 excluding taxes. However, the prices of the different models do vary depending upon the features that one has opted for and the manufacturing company that has been involved in the production of the gadget.

The Oppo F11 Pro can be considered as an ultimate compact camera in the market today. It comes with a sleek body and with a nice screen which is easy to use. Even though it comes with a large memory card which is expandable, there is no room to add more memory cards. This can be considered as a downside of the Oppo F11 Pro. The other downside of this digital camera is that it does not come with a built-in flash.

Overall, this is a good camera which comes with an advanced software package. The device is water-resistant too and is perfect for those who love beach and underwater photography. It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the first smartphones that have the built-in memory card. It is one of the first smartphone devices that has achieved high levels of popularity amongst professionals and teenagers too.

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